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3rd Person Bio:

Mark Lee Pearson is from the United Kingdom. He left school at 15 with no other qualification to his name than a grade 1 CSE in Drama and Theatre Arts.

At 16 he became an aircraft toolmaker, and spent ten years fixing rivet guns and making screws in the day time and working as a disc jockey at night.

When he was nineteen years old Mark founded the legendary indiepop label, Ambition Records, in his Southampton bedroom.

Finally he got his act together at the age of 26. He got a bachelors degree in Philosophy and Literature, trained as a teacher, moved to Japan, and gained a Masters in Japanese.

He is now a homeroom teacher to a class of second grade children in an international school in Kanagawa. He is married to an amazing woman, with whom he has created two little monsters.  

His stories have appeared in various speculative fiction magazines including Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Apex Online Magazine, and Space and Time Magazine.

He has also published stories in a handful of anthologies from publishers such as Wicked East Press, Samsdot Publishing, and Susurrus Press.

Mark once won a Radio One poetry competition on the Mark Radcliffe Show.

But his greatest literary achievement to date is making Ellen Datlow's list of honorable mentions for best Horror of 2011.

He is watching you.