Friday, 6 May 2011

Cutlass and Musket; Tales of Piratical Skullduggery

An anthology of PIRATE STORIES, which includes my story The Tales of Blackleg Osai by Snarke P. Amor as well as a host of other fabulous stories by scabbard wielding authors is available now.

The Tales of Blackleg Osai features an unfinished book by an elusive writer, a famous bear with a personality twist, a sexy captain of a lethal ship called the Cuddly Quotient, a British Rail train, and various planks that lead the characters into a ragged maze of plots woven together with a wormhole or two.


Table of Contents

Get Kraken…Michael A. Ventrella

Silver Hand Sam…Cherie Reich

Last Voyage Of The London Fog…Marc Sorondo

Old Billy, Old Friend…Darren Gallagher

Mist And Shadow…Sarah Zama

The Legacy Of Captain Jareena…Scott M. Sandridge

The Sapphire Ring…Reese Mills

Uncle Zapf…Harris Tobias

Lost Hope…Rebecca Hart

The Blood Of An Immortal…M.S. Gardner

Elixir Of Tears….Jason Andrew

Guardian At The Gate…Ken Staley

Voyage Of The Golden Goose…Gary Moeser

Tales Of Blackleg Osai by Snarke P. Amor…Mark Lee Pearson

The Devil’s Fog…Coy Hall

Captured…Kate Larkindale

Isle Of Sorrow…Lee Clarke Zumpe

Beneath The Death’s Head…Dev Jarrett

Treasure In The Charnel Pit…Henrick Ramsager

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