Monday, 3 October 2011

On Inspiration

On Inspiration
Mark Lee Pearson

On New Years' Day, Hideki dreamed he was standing at the summit of Mount Fuji looking out across the Japanese landscape. He woke up and called his friend, Kimiko.

"I've just been inspired," he said. "Let's climb Mount Fuji this summer."
"Sure," said Kimiko.

Kimiko set about preparing for the climb. She bought a new pair of boots and wore them in. She trained every day. She even joined a hiking club and climbed the low mountains in her district to get herself ready for the big climb.

While Kimiko perspired, Hideki spent the time trying to recapture the moment he had dreamed. He surfed the internet looking for images of Mount Fuji. He drew sketches in his pad. He bought a book about the 100 most famous views. He rode past it on the shinkansen to take in its beauty. He even wrote a haiku.

View from Mount Fuji
Sprawling colors vivid shades
Summer vibrancy

When the day finally arrived Kimiko turned up prepared for the climb. In her pack she had warm clothes, food, and plenty to drink.

Hideki brought his camera, a sketch pad, and a little Japanese flag he intended to have his picture taken with at the summit.

"Race you to the top," he said.

Of course she beat him. Hideki didn't get past the sixth station before he collapsed, out of breath and physically exhausted.

At the summit of Mount Fuji, Kimiko observed the view. She thought it was quite nice. There she met a backpacker from Australia called Alan. He was very nice. He invited her to Nepal with him the following summer. Of course, she went.

She sent Hideki a postcard from the base camp at Mount Everest. On it she wrote a haiku. It said, 

Mountains we may climb,
But dreamy wings fly us not,
To the snowy peaks.

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