Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Wicked Bag of Fantasy Tales

I Just had my contract sent for the story I wrote for The Wicked Bag of Fantasy Tales edited by Jessica A. Weiss and M.S.Gardner from Wicked East Press. Here is a teaser of the stories that my novella will appear alongside:

A Last Hope.....Darren Gallagher

The Beast Within.....Suzanne Robb

The Tide Jewels.....Mark Lee Pearson

Other Things To Do.....Dev Jarrett

The Wizard Host.....Rachel Chipp

For The Love Of Pete.....Jen Steffen

The Times of Marlon.....Richard Jay Goldstein

In Dreams.....Hazel O'Shea

Pain's Long and Traveled Path.....Patricia Puckett

Music For The Enchanted End.....Keith Gorney

It's a bumper sized book of ten novellas weighing in with a word count of: 126,631!

My story is a modern day reimagining of the ancient Japanese creation myth found in the Kojiki and Nihongi. It features a colorful cast of characters including dragons, turtles, and a talking cat. 

Don't forget to place your order...

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